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*Please read prior to registering and entering your items*
    We have made several updates to our sale in order to continue to have the best sale in Eastern NC.

What's New

We are at the Greenville Convention Center!!

Now you can earn even more of your sales!
  • Earn 80%.  Work 5+ shift credits.
  • Earn 75%.  Work 4 shift credits. 
  • Earn 70%.  Work at least 1 shift credit.
  • Earn 65%.  Consignors without any work shifts.

Item limits
  • Consignors may only enter and drop off 250 items.  
  • Nearly New Fish will raise the limits to 400 items for those who have sold 50% or more at one of our recent sales.
  • If you have sold 75% or more at one of our recent sales, you will not have item limits.
  • We will limit stuffed animals to 10 per consignor.  Licensed stuffed animals such as Disney, Nickelodeon, Seasme Street etc. and interactive stuffed animals will not be limited.
  • We will limit the number of Junior items.  You may have no more than 50 items of each Jr. girls and Jr. boys.
  • We will continue to limit the number of maternity items to 25 per consignor.

Items we will no longer accept
  • We will no longer accept VHS tapes
  • We will no longer accept breast pumps.  We will accept breast pump accessories, please enter these items under "infant feeding" category.
  • All Fisher Price Rock n' Plays have been recalled.
              Click here for more information about the recall

Any items that do not fit the criteria will be turned away

Click the link below to register for our upcoming sale.