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Set figure:
Tag diagram
Please read entire page before tagging your items.  
What can you consign?
Supplies you will need
Loose items
Toys, equipment, and furniture
Cribs and carseats

Supplies you will need:
  • Hangers
  • Safety pins (NO straight pins please! OUCH!!)
  • Light colored card stock to print tags on your computer. (Barcodes do not scan on dark cardstock and regular paper tears easily and items cannot sell with lost tags.)  This can be purchased at Wal-Mart, Sams etc... or you can buy only the number of sheets you will need at the counter of your local office store.  Tags print six to a page.
  • Ziploc bags (Various sizes)
  • Clear packing tape

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Labels:  (See example)
  • ALL items must have a label printed from our website.  Make sure that all of your tags have a barcode that is readable.  Fill out the simple form to create your tags.
  • All labels must be on white or light card stock.
  • All labels must contain consignor number, size (if applicable), description, if you want to discount item on 1/2 price day, and if you want to donate item if it does not sell.
  • All labels on clothes must be attached at the top center of the card. 
  • Labels on all other items must be directly attached to the item.  Securely fasten the label to the item with packing tape, ziptie, etc.  
  • Items with loose pieces can be placed in a Zioloc bag. Please make sure that all the information on the tags is readable and that the barcode can be scanned.  Please use packing tape to tape the bag closed to prevent enclosed items from being separated.
  • See figure below for an example of what your tags should look like.

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Hanging:  (See Figure)
  • Face all hangers to the left
  • Use safety pins to secure items to the TOP of hangers. No straight pins OUCH!  Make sure items are securely fastened to hangers.  Items that fall on the ground will not sell!  (See photo)
  • Pin pants or shorts to top of hanger.  If two-piece set, place shirt over pants and pin both pieces!

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  • A good rule to follow is to price the item 25-40% of it's original value, depending or how new an item is, how much you want it to sell and how in demand the item is.  See our pricing guide.
  • All amounts should be in 50 cent increments, nothing under $1.00.  If you have smaller items such as baby rattles, burp cloths, etc., consider packaging several together (i.e. four for $1.00).
  • Please specify if you want to have your items discounted on half price day.  Be sure to check the "half price box" when filling out you tags.
  • Please specify if you are going to donate your item.  Be sure to check the "donate box" when filling out your tags.
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Loose items
  • All loose items shall contain a price tag with the same format as the mentioned above.
  • Ziploc bags work well for packing small parts.  For instance, onsies may be packaged together in one ziploc bag.  If a toy has small parts, put the parts in the ziploc bag and securely fasten the bag to the item.  (See photo)
  • Please use packing tape to tape the bag closed to prevent enclosed items from being separated.  We are not responsible for lost or damaged merchandise.  (Imagine lots of children picking your item up, secure accordingly.)
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Shoes  (See photo)
  • All shoes must be extremely clean and in like new condition.
  • All shoes must be season appropriate.
  • Infant and toddler shoes should be attached with a zip tie or placed in a zip lock bag..
  • Larger shoes can have the laces tied together with a safety pin keeping them tied, or a plastic zip tie works very well.
  • Ensure that the tag is securely fastened to the pair of shoes.  
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Toys, equipment, and furniture
  • All items must have a tag securely attached.  (See photo)

  • Any items that have multiple large pieces should only have one tag for the entire set.  For example:  a 5 piece table and chair set should only have one tag for the set.  Please state what is included with the set in the description of the item.
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Cribs and car seats
  • Cribs must have a visible date showing that it was manufactured after June 11, 2011 or have a Certificate of Compliance from the manufacturer CFR 1220 or 16 CFR 1219.
  • No carseats more than 5 years old will be accepted, unless it has an expiration date that has not passed.
  • No carseats that have been recalled for safety hazards or that have been involved in an accident shall be accepted.
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Hanging Figure:
Nearly New Fish Sale
Eastern North Carolina's Premier Children's Consignment Event!!
Zipties attaching separate pieces
Ziploc bag containing loose parts
Tape book tags to the back of the book.  Scotch tape works best.
Tape tag to item.  Do not obstruct barcode.
Securely safety pin tag to item
Securely fasten shoes together.  Zip ties, safety pins etc. work well.  You can also reinforce the hole with packing tape.
Eastern North Carolina's Premier Children's Consignment Event!!