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Eastern North Carolina's Premier Children's Consignment Event!!
Consignors set the prices for their own items.
Here are some guidelines to help you set your prices:

  • Determine what you would be willing to pay for the item.
  • Decide what is the lowest price that you are willing to accept.  Then decide if you are willing to discount that on half-price day.
  • Items that are similar can be grouped together in a Ziploc bag: pair tops with bottoms; make sets of onsies, socks, similar books or toys, bibs, or bedding.
  • Set a lower price for items that you would prefer not to pick up after the sale ends.
  • Clothing will typically sell for 25% - 35% of their retail price. Keep in mind that more expensive brands are going to sell for more. Lower-priced brands include but are not limited to Carters, Sonoma, Old Navy, Healthtex, Lee, Levi’s, Circo, etc. Higher-end brands include but are not limited to Gymboree, Baby Gap, Talbot Kids, Koala Kids, Calvin Klein, Limited Too, etc. Boutique brands will sell for even more. Brands MUST be included on our boutique brand list.
  • Consider this a wonderful opportunity to clean out your children’s rooms, play rooms, closets, or garage/attic. Price your items to sell!!
  • Presentation matters! We WILL NOT accept any items with tears, stains, missing buttons, etc. If necessary, run an iron over clothing, button all buttons, and zip zippers. The better items look on the racks, the quicker they will sell!
  • For many toys and most equipment, www.amazon.com is a great resource. This website can give you an idea of prices for new and used items.
If you have further questions, please contact us and we will be happy to help you set prices and help you sell your items.
High demand items will often sell for 30% to 60% of retail! Some of the most in-demand items are listed below:

  • Little Tykes/outdoor play equipment
  • Playscapes
  • Playhouses
  • Play kitchens
  • Tool benches
  • Train tables
  • High chairs and booster seats
  • DVD’s
  • Leapfrog games and gaming systems
  • Toddler beds
  • Changing tables
  • Exersaucers
  • Child tables and chairs
  • Safety gates and bed rails
  • Pack-and-plays

For a detailed tagging guide, click the link for The Little Red Hen's pricing guide below!
Eastern North Carolina's Premier Children's Consignment Event!!