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Eastern North Carolina's Premier Children's Consignment Event!!
Eastern North Carolina's Premier Children's Consignment Event!!

What’s New/COVID-19 policies

The safety of our team members, associates and customers is our highest priority. Nearly New Fish will enforce all the most recent requirements set forth by the CDC and NCDHHS.

Our Pre-Sale schedule has changed to reduce gathering size. Advanced ticketing will be available for our benefit sale.  Only one person per pass will be allowed. If a family member (even children) insists on joining you, they must also purchase a ticket.  We are limiting only 12 people/1000 ft of venue space. That includes our customers, Team Members and associates.

Here is our new presale and benefit sale schedule:

    Team Member and consignor shopping schedule for October 1.
        9:00 AMTeam Members with 4+ work credits
        9:30 AMTeam Members with 3 work credits
        10:00 AMTeam Members with 2 work credits
        10:30 AMTeam Members with 1 work credit
        11:00 AMConsignors without any work credits
**All Team Members and consignors must be finished shopping and checked out no later than 1:00 PM.**

Benefit Sale shopping schedule: (tickets available soon)

        • 12:00 PM$20 donation to SESPTO
        2:00 PM$10 donation to SESPTO
        4:00 PM$5 donation to SESPTO
        6:00 PMNew Moms club-No charge
** Each ticket is valid until the next ticket time. Shoppers must finish shopping and checkout prior to the next shopping time**

Our ½ price sale will also have a modified schedule. Our Team Members and consignors will be able to shop on Saturday evening. Advanced ticketing will also be available free of charge for the discount sale on Sunday. Advanced ticketing is not required, but highly encouraged for access to the discount sale. 
 Each pass will be good for 2 hours or until the next pass holder's entry time.

Team Member and Consignor shopping Saturday, October 4th.
        5:30 PMTeam Members with 5+ work credits
        6:00 PM Team Members with at least 1 work credit
        7:00 PMParticipating Consignors

Half price sale Sunday, October 5th:
        9:00 AM Pass holders
        11:00 AM Pass holders
        1:00 PM Pass holders
        3:00 PM Pass holders

Our big blue shopping bags that have become such a fixture at our sale will be available for one time use only. Shoppers may purchase them upon entry for $1.50. Shopping bags will only be available while supplies last. Shoppers are highly encouraged to bring their own shopping bags and have them marked upon entry.

COVID 19 Policies and Procedures

Social Distancing:

    •We will limit 12 people/1000 square ft. This includes our                  customers, Team Members and associates.
    •Our aisles will be spaced out more than previous sales.
    •We will post signage set forth by the CDC/NCCDHHS                       requiring patrons to practice social distancing.
    •6’ social distancing markers will be place at the entry of the              venue as well as the checkout area.
    •We will have a dedicated entry and exit.

Face Coverings:

    •Team members will be required to wear a face covering when           they may come within 6’ of others.
    •Patrons will be required to wear face covering.
    •Patrons are highly encouraged to provide their own face                    coverings.
    •Face coverings will be provided by Nearly New Fish for a                nominal charge while supplies last.

Cleaning and Hygiene:

    •NNF and the Greenville Convention Center will perform                  routine disinfecting of high touch/high traffic areas.
    •Each checkout will be disinfected between every transaction.
    •We will promote frequent hand washing and sanitizing.
    •We will have hand sanitizer for use throughout the venue.
    •Tissues and waste receptacles will be provided throughout the          venue.

Monitoring Symptoms:

    •All Team Members will be screened using the NCDHHS                 standard questionnaire upon the start of each shift. Any Team           Members or associates that exhibit any symptoms will be sent           home.
    •Patrons with any symptoms will be prohibited to enter.
    •Current CDC guidelines will be followed to monitor symptoms.

Protecting Vulnerable Populations:

    •We will have virtual shopping available by appointment.  Check  back soon for details.

Combating Misinformation:

    •All information, sign templates etc. will come directly from              NCDHHS and the CDC.
    •We will implement the most recent NCDHHS guidelines.  
    •Policies and guidelines are subject to change per CDC and                NCDHHS requirements and recommendations.